Salt Remover / Salt Neutralizer Ultra Concentrate

Rust remover, salt remover and rust prevemntion products are used for industrial and commercial rust removal operations

Salt Neutralizer ULTRA Concentrate

Salt Remover / Salt Neutralizer Ultra Concentrate effectively removes salt residue and contaminants from pores in metal and other surfaces to prevent rust and corrosion.

Latest non-toxic formula is now ultra concentrated. Once treated, metal surfaces will be 'food grade' clean and flash rust will be prevented indoors with low humidity, proper handling and storage.

Salt removal with our liquid Salt Remover / Neutralizer Ultra Concentrate will save substantial time and money versus treatment after rust and corrosion has started. Simply washing salt and visible contaminants off with water is ineffective. Even with plain water pressure washing, a film of salt residue and other contaminants cling to pores in the surface and continue the corrosive process. This microscopic salt residue and contamination prevents reliable top coat adhesion on all surfaces, not just metal.

If you need to remove rust from steel or cast iron surfaces, see our Rust Remover Products for effective, non hazardous rust removal.

Salt neutalizer/salt remover is how to remove salt. The salt molecule NACL, is the target of our salt neutralizer / salt remover liquid for salt removal, rust and corrosion prevention. Regular application will ensure longevity of all equipment exposed to salt. It will remove salt residue that cannot be rinsed away with plain water. Even pressure washing will not remove salt from the smaller pores in surfaces.

Road salt neutralizer, salt remover effectively cleans salt residue from all types of equipment exposed to road salt Salt removal on D.O.T equipment: Salt spreaders, snowplows, truck boxes and chassis, garage and workshop floors can be treated regularly with salt neutralizer for maximum longevity. Any surface exposed to road salt should be treated to remove salt residue. Non toxic formula helps municipalities keep our fluid in stock.

Marine and naval salt removal Marine salt removal applications: Naval, Marine, Coast Guard equipment and machinery can be preserved with salt remover liquid concentrate for a much longer period, reducing the time between overhaul. Power plants cooled by sea water can be maintained at their peak efficiency. Salt removal reduces expensive maintenance costs. Non-toxic food grade cleanliness allows fluid to be used in food prep areas.

Salt remover for Marine engines Salt removal for commercial and pleasure craft marine engines and drives, in all configurations, benefit from our salt neutralizer liquid for removing salt, corrosion control and corrosion prevention especially inside water jackets in cylinder heads, engine blocks and open salt water cooling systems. The salt remover can be employed to remove salt no matter how thick the deposit.

Rust 911 Porsche body. Salt neutralizer is used prior to paint work Auto body shops can clean all surfaces 'food grade' clean to ensure perfect top coat adhesion every time. This degree of cleanliness allows the painter to choose an ideal day for painting without worrying about flash rust. Simply pressure wash with mixed fluid. There is no need to rinse afterwards. The same process can be used for any automotive part including engine blocks, heads, oil pans, timing covers, axles, etc.

Salt Neutralizer/remover for all vehicles and equipment on the Bonneville Salt FlatsDo you race on the Bonneville salt Flats? Use salt remover liquid concentrate for salt removal, corrosion prevention and control on race cars and all other vehicles and support equipment brought out to the Bonneville Salt Flats.

Salt removal from salt water evaporators and equipment for fresh water can be cleaned for corrosion control and preventionSalt remover liquid concentrate for salt water evaporators and equipment can clean salt residue for corrosion control and prevention.

Order Salt Remover / Salt Neutralizer ULTRA Concentrate

8 ounces makes 5 gallons..............$14.00.....

16 ounces makes 10 gallons..........$23.00.....

1 Quart makes 20 gallons...............$45.00.....

1/2 Gallon makes 40 gallons...........$79.00....

1 Gallon makes 80 gallons.............$129.00....

2.5 gallons makes 160 gallons......$290.00....

5 gallons makes 400 gallons..........$490.00...

55 Gallons makes 4500 gallons...$3400.00...


(1) If object has heavy or crusted deposits of salt, remove by rinsing, pressure washing or other mechanical means.

(2) Concentrate MUST be added to water! Mix 6 ounces concentrate with 5 gallons water for light to moderate salt residue / contamination; 2.5 gallons water for heavy salt residue / contamination.

(3) Spray mixed fluid on the object. Best results are achieved with pressure washing. Let air dry. NO rinsing required.

(4) Repeat each time surface is exposed to salt or other contamination.

(5) Flash rust is prevented indoors for up to 1 month if metal surface is not handled and is stored properly indoors in low humidity . Metal is now ready for top coating without further treatment.